DNA of a PA

DNA of a PA

The Hays PA Report 2015 asked what makes a successful PA and found that it’s an exciting time for PAs and their employers who know what skills to develop and how to make the most of them.

In the nationwide survey of over 3,000 EAs, PAs and CEOs, results confirmed our view that the profession is continually evolving as successful PAs are helping to enhance business performance.  The report showed PAs to be confident decision makers and business influencers, with strong social media skills, often managing others.

Furthermore PAs regularly provide vital operational support, often taking on functions beyond the traditional PA role, in areas such as HR, marketing and facilities management.

Employers indicated how highly they value their PAs and acknowledged that they would struggle without them, equating their contribution to the highest levels of management. 87% of employers state they could not do their job as effectively without their PA.  Yet, many of their PAs don’t know what they’re worth.

They underestimate their contribution and fail to realise just how much faith their managers have in them. Career development plans for PAs are few and far between, which can only increase this perception gap.

Hays survey recommendations included to: recognise and reward your PAs; put in place career development plans; help your PAs to network and collaborate; understand that your PA could be much more than your traditional PA; and, invest in your PA’s qualifications.



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For more information about the Hays PA Report please visit: hays.co.uk/successful-pa

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