Exeter PA Network: Become A Microsoft Pro

Exeter PA Network: Become A Microsoft Pro

Reminiscing with a friend recently about our time at secretarial college, we laughed about how our typing teacher – the oh so glamorous Mrs Laszynska – had us lined up in rows behind manual typewriters as she called out the alphabet or phrases for us to type.  Our first word-processing system – Wordperfect – blew our minds!

All of this caused me to reflect on how technology has changed.  Microsoft is an incredible software package which so many of us use day to day, but how many of us really know how to get the most out of it? How many of us have had training in these packages? As with all computer-based office tools, we tend to use familiar features and functions and ignore the rest. But learning how to exploit Outlook, Word, Powerpoint and Excel capabilities will help make the most of your time and simplify and automate other office tasks that until now have been tediously manual or just impossible.

Exeter PA Network is partnering with 5 time winner of Best PA Training Provider in the UK and Microsoft Certified Expert Paul Pennant to deliver two one day workshops.  Our Outlook Masterclass will take place on 10th July at the Hampton by Hilton and we’ll share 150+ productivity hacks aimed at saving you an hour a day. Our Word, Excel and Powerpoint Masterclass will take place on 25 September, again at the Hampton by Hilton, and that will arm attendees with 420+ time saving tips.

We calculated an hour a day time saving at an average PA salary of £15ph could save an organisation a whopping £3600 per year!

For more information and to book a place, check out our website.

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