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Why the Eskimos don’t want your ice… continued

Why the Eskimos don’t want your ice… continued

Written by Owen Richards, MD & Founder of Air Marketing Group

Why the Eskimos don’t want your ice… continued

When running a business there is a delicate balance between understanding the need to be successful and make money, whilst not taking advantage of your valued customer base. So, selling your services or product for a fair price which represents the quality or perceived value will set you in a good position with your customers.

But how does it feel when you are given an initial price which you feel is too high and upon negotiation, you are given a ‘discount’ or a reduced price? All too often, I hear people quoting a price that is higher than they’re prepared to sell for, with an expectation that you’ll negotiate. But surely how could they negotiate such a large ‘discount’ if their initial price was not very overinflated to begin with.

How does this effect the business relationship? Trust is one of the most important elements of building a business relationship, right? Yet, in this scenario, your first interaction is one in which they are prepared to oversell to you. Is this indicative of a supplier you want to use and, more importantly, can trust?

Using this ‘negotiated discount’ sales tactic may help you to win some short-term business at potentially a higher profit margin, but what about sustained business relationships? Over time these will be worth more to you and provide your business with more stability to go on and win more work than short term, one off sales.

So, let’s focus on giving our customers a fair price and building relationships instead of burning bridges to make quick short term profit.

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