Kim McDonald from Gilbert Stephens Solicitors talks about the tricky subject of dismissal…

Employment legislation is complex and keeping abreast of the latest changes can be challenging and can pose a substantial risk to businesses if it is not understood correctly.

As an employer you may find yourself in the unenviable task of having to dismiss an employee, this may be as a result of a major misconduct or regular unsatisfactory performance.

To ensure you do not leave your business vulnerable to an unfair dismissal claim you must comply with the law when dismissing an employee, which includes:

  • Ensuring you have followed correct disciplinary and grievance procedures

  • Given correct notice

  • Paid outstanding wages and accrued holiday pay

  • Ensuring you are meeting your contractual obligations with the employee

  • If you are in doubt seek legal advice!

If you receive a claim from an employee don’t panic, most employment disputes are now settled through negotiation with the aim of reaching a balanced solution for both parties.

At Gilbert Stephens, we can help ensure you have all the correct policies in place and that your contracts are compliant with the law, in addition to them doing what you need them to do.



To find out more about our employment services and how we can help your business contact Kim McDonald on: 01392 424242 E-mail: law@gilbertstephens.co.uk



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