We Devonians Are Proud of Our Work Life Balance but How Can We Maintain It Forever?

We Devonians Are Proud of Our Work Life Balance but How Can We Maintain It Forever?

Ask any Devonian what they like about living and working in the county and it is highly likely that the work/life balance is a popular answer. Unlike elsewhere in the country our proximity to the coasts, moorlands and trails and the culture of our local companies allows us to maintain a healthy work/life balance!

Our beautiful county and the lifestyle it provides was a strong reason why I and many like me moved back after time away, often with a family in tow.

The challenge is to be able to maintain this lifestyle in retirement when the income that supports it ceases. In my experience, people don’t want a big upgrade to their lifestyle in retirement, but they definitely don’t want to downgrade it.

Unless you are lucky enough to be one of the diminishing group of people to have the guarantee of a final salary pension in retirement you need to make sure you are taking personal responsibility for your future financial well-being. This means engaging with your money so that you can be confident that you are saving enough and managing it appropriately so that when the time comes to stop working there is enough for you to maintain your desired lifestyle for the rest of your life, however long that might be.

One of your greatest regrets may be not doing enough, soon enough to provide the financial freedom to do what you want, when you want.

If you would like to know what you can do now to maintain your lifestyle forever, please do get in contact.

Andrew Neligan is a Chartered and Certified Financial PlannerTM and owner of Neligan Financial www.neliganfinancial.co.uk or contact 01392 539429

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