How Do You Handle Obstacles?

How Do You Handle Obstacles?

By Dean Breyley, Grow or Die 


Leadership comes with as many challenges as rewards.  

Regardless of whether you’re just beginning your career as an entrepreneur or you’re an experienced business leader, there are many obstacles that you will encounter.  Depending on your strengths, personality, and your background, some will be easier to handle than others.

They could be all-consuming such as establishing your company’s brand and authority, beating the competition, or making a profit.  But, there is a hidden positive in every challenge. Every obstacle can ALSO offer the solution to a problem.

Having the power to handle and overcome obstacles in business is key.  The VOTA Formula™ works on the basis of all human problem-solving.  VOTA makes use of four great brain abilities that every human being is born with: Vision, Obstacles, Transformation, and Action. It is these four fundamental thinking abilities that unify all of human experience, going back to the very beginning.

VOTA gives business leaders and entrepreneurs the framework to work through a challenging situation by telling a story.  The framework begins with having a clear vision of a desired goal and then an awareness of all obstacles that stand in the way of achieving that goal.  Those obstacles are then transformed into a plan of action.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t perceive obstacles as an end point to overcome, instead they view opposition as the beginning.  They mark out their vision, put measurements on it, have a deadline for achieving it, and then work to understand and embrace all of the things that might oppose it.

Most people identify all of the obstacles that would prevent them from achieving their vision and they would stop moving forward. But surprisingly, using VOTA, the obstacles become an official part of the process and the solution.

Transformation is the act of looking at every obstacle to the vision and identifying it with an immediate, single action — a decision, communication, or achievement — that will begin the process of converting the obstacle into the actual result.  It is the opposition to your vision that points directly at the specific actions you need to take to achieve that vision.

VOTA also works well for sales and marketing.  It can be used to paint a picture to illustrate the value that you can offer to your target market.  When you have established your audience, you could show them a clear vision of the difference they’ll experience if they follow your product or services.

Next, you identify the obstacles for your audience, explaining any barriers that may stand in the way of achieving that vision.  Once you identify the obstacles, then you show your audience how they can bypass the barriers to overcome them.  

Then, you paint a clear picture of the transformation that your market will experience if they take action and follow your approach.  Transformation has a wow factor and is critical to this process.  When your audience can visualize the change they’ll undergo and the brighter future they’ll have, they will recognise your value.

Implementing VOTA has produced an immediate increase in individual, group, and organizational clarity, confidence, and capability for those businesses that use it.  For more tools to handle and overcome obstacles in business, check out the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. EOS® is a blueprint for building a growth focused company.  If you own a business and are feeling frustrated, stuck or unhappy there are a number of steps you can take today.



Dean is the MD of Grow or Die based in the South West, helping Entrepreneurs & Leadership Teams to realise their company’s full potential as a Certified EOS® Implementer in the UK



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