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Often, when the pressure is on, business leaders omit thinking time and switch to “we’ve got to get this done” mode, thus by-passing the vital strategy, planning and vision required for the project or in their business. 

By being so caught up in the ‘here and now’ operations of running a business, time to think is discarded; but with it goes the opportunity to see the bigger picture and the ability to challenge, to innovate or to differentiate. Understandably this can lead to frustration, not to mention missed opportunities. 

By taking a breather and changing the current way of doing things, positive outcomes and opportunities always emerge – a greater understanding of the business, the markets and the audiences – and messaging becomes clearer.

This may be possible in-house, but there are benefits to seeking help from an impartial third party who is free of constraints and company culture. A strategic, visionary company that’s fully able to see the wood from the trees, to challenge and to guide a more focused way forward.   

At Chalk + Ward this is what we do for large and small companies – and always with great success. Strategic Marketing is our forte. We ask the difficult questions and challenge the norm, and every time we do, there’s a sigh of relief that finally someone has helped form a clear vision and a way forward.  

Lisa Prescott is a director at Chalk + Ward. Established in 1998, Chalk + Ward challenge brands to be better versions of themselves. They work with some of the region’s biggest companies to develop their businesses and promote growth.  Allow yourself time to think, email our team of friendly professionals now at or call us on 01392 666291.

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