Best Airports for Business Travellers

Best Airports for Business Travellers


happy traveler waiting for the flight in airportTravel can be a tiresome business when the luggage trolleys require small change in the local currency or the lounges don’t have Wi-Fi.  Choosing a decent connecting airport can make all the difference to productivity and morale, especially if it is just a stop-off on a longer journey.  These three are setting new standards in airport hospitality.





Singapore Changi Airport

GQ has called Singapore Changi the World’s best airport.  GQ isn’t the only one: Singapore Changi is also the best airport in the world according to aviation review and ratings company Skytrax.  In fact, Skytrax has named it the world’s best airport for the last five years (2013 – 2017).

Changi Airport, Terminal 3, SingaporeWhy?  Well, aside from the impressive architecture, impeccable cleanliness and abundant greenery, Singapore Changi has some rather amazing facilities for travellers.

Singapore Changi is one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia and is one of the world’s busiest airports by international passenger and cargo traffic.  All of these passengers are welcome to visit the airport’s Butterfly Garden, Orchid Garden, Enchanted Garden, Sunflower Garden and the rooftop Cactus Garden, complete with outdoor bar.

In addition, the airport’s food courts are very well regarded and there are a wide variety of lounges available to travellers in all three terminals, including luxurious seating, dining and showers available to guests.



Amsterdam-schipolAmsterdam Schiphol

British business travellers recently voted Amsterdam Schiphol airport the best European airport 2016.  Schiphol only made it to number 11 on Skytrax’s list of the world’s best airports, but did place particularly highly for its shopping facilities – in 2017, Skytrax named it seventh best airport in the world for shopping.

Schiphol’s range of leisure amenities go far beyond just shopping though; impressively they also include a library and a casino!  In addition, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum operates an annex at the airport, offering a small overview of both classical and contemporary art, with free admission.

With a choice of lounges, showers, an express spa and sleeping facilities available to passengers for a small fee, Schiphol offers the amenities of the leading Asian airports.  It is now working to become the world’s best digital airport by 2018.  Travellers can already enjoy free Wi-Fi and the airport also offers its own app to help passengers navigate their way through the airport thanks to the beacon systems used throughout the site.


Tokyo Haneda

Second on Skytrax’s list of the world’s best airports 2017, Tokyo’s Haneda airport also boasts some rather exceptional facilities for travellers, including a planetarium and – somewhat bizarrely – a replica of a traditional Japanese village.

First opened in 1931, Haneda airport served as a US airbase during the 1945 US occupation before returning to civil use in 1952 when it was renamed Tokyo International Airport.  Since then, it has grown to three terminals, plus a VIP terminal, and is now the second busiest airport in Asia and fifth busiest in the world.  Although much of the international traffic moved to nearby Tokyo Narita airport in the latter half of the twentieth century, things have shifted in the other direction of late thanks to the third terminal and redevelopment of the public spaces.

This year, Tokyo Haneda was placed twelve places ahead of Narita by the Skytrax judges, thanks to its efficiency, cleanliness and great shopping.  You have your pick of the usual lounges and the planetarium has to be a world’s first for an airport – so, if you are passing through, don’t miss grabbing a bite to eat in the starry sky café.


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