All in good time…

All in good time…

Business travel works best when all the elements of a trip come together seamlessly. We all know that this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, so read our top 12 tips to improve your odds…

1) Pack your carry-on in no time with a handy checklist so you don’t leave home without any essentials, such as devices, converters or worldwide power adaptors. It’ll save a trip to the airport shop to purchase what you’ve left behind.

2) Pack everything you need in hand luggage as waiting for checked luggage to appear on the carousel can take hours, quite literally, particularly at some US airports.

3) Always carry a photocopy of the main page of your passport but carry in a separate place to your passport. In the unlikely event that you lose your passport, it’ll save heaps of time getting a replacement at the local embassy.

Complimentary Chauffeured Drive

4) If you’re lucky enough to fly first or business class choose those airlines that offer a limo pick-up from office to airport, and in reverse for the return leg. It saves time – and money. Emirates and Virgin Atlantic are two that offer this free service.

5) Online check-in is the simplest procedure, allowing you to print your boarding card so you can ignore the long check-in queues at the airport and walk airside straight away. Opting for FastTrack at airports provides you with access to a dedicated security lane, enabling you to fly through security and reach the departure lounge quickly.

6) The quiet of an airport lounge is not only for those flying in premium classes. Your Travel Counsellor can pre-book your airport lounge which means you can kill time and be productive at the airport.

7) Fly from a regional airport rather than from a major hub to pick up your long-haul leg. It will make for a shorter check-in and exit time, and generally a more stress-free trip.

8) Don’t hang around outside an airport terminal waiting interminably for the shuttle bus to turn up to drive you to your parked car. Minimise the time and hassle by booking a chauffeur park/meet and greet that will pick your car up at kerbside and return it there on arrival.

9) Join a car rental member programme to minimise the wait time when picking up a hire car.Executive Room

10) Weigh up the extra cost of a room on the executive floor of a hotel with the host of time-saving extra services that come with it, such as check-in and check-out on the executive floor upstairs, or in your bedroom, somewhere to stage meetings (for free), and the all-day snacks that will translate to a more productive time on-site.

11) Home in on hotels that have recently opened as they will often be keen to win your loyalty by offering attractive opening rates as well as extras such as chauffeur-drive from the airport. Seeing your name held on a card by a booted and suited hotel representative who will get you through the chaos of the airport and to your hotel will save you precious time queuing for a taxi.

12) Booking with Travel Counsellors. Just one phone call and your Travel Counsellor will save you bags of time by booking all your travel arrangements and that’s not just the basics of hotel and flight but car hire and even restaurants. And when a trip is disrupted, we’ll be there, 24/7 to make alternative arrangements. The Travel Counsellors app makes contact even easier.

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