What More Could You Be Doing To Keep or Attract Staff?

What More Could You Be Doing To Keep or Attract Staff?

Exeter is a buoyant and fast growing city and has been for some time. It’s exciting to watch, and contribute to the growth of existing local businesses, whilst also watching the area attract major brands and start-ups.

With wages lower in Exeter than in other major cities, excellent road/rail/air links; stunning local countryside and beaches and with more business being done online, it’s a logical selection as a base for many companies.

With so much growth in the area and a low level of unemployment, this means that there is great competition for talented employees. If you’re looking for work that’s potentially great news!

As a business, however, you now need to be mindful of a couple of things a strategy to ensure you retain your existing valuable workforce, and positioning yourself as a desirable employer, for such time as when you are recruiting.

Very few employees leave their job purely to get a higher salary, for most it’s about career/skills development, better work life balance, better benefits, or to find a company that values them more.

What more could you be doing to keep or attract staff?


Written by Sarah Knight – Owner & Director of Sarah West Recruitment

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