Get Set Grow! – Jazzercise Exeter Fitness Studio

Get Set Grow! – Jazzercise Exeter Fitness Studio

Name of Business: Jazzercise Exeter Fitness Studio

Founder: Sarah Sydney-Sheppard

Date Established: 7th October 2019

This month we feature Sarah Sydney-Sheppard, founder of Jazzercise Exeter Fitness Studio, the ultimate dance party workout. It blends cardio dance with pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training in one session. Based in Southernhay, around 25 Jazzercise classes take place at various times each week to cater for everyone’s scheduling needs.

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We asked Sarah to give us some background on the business:

I’ve been teaching Jazzercise for over 20 years in Oxford, Switzerland and now Exeter so setting up my own studio is a dream come true.  I love the space that it creates for my customers, it’s perfect for dance fitness – light and airy, spacious and clean, with a fantastic sound system and lovely shower and changing rooms. More like a spa than a gym!

I love the Jazzercise routines and dancing to great, current music. I’ve always felt it’s not like an exercise regime at all. You don’t have to force yourself to class, you look forward to it and catching up with all your friends is just an added bonus!

Talk us through the day to day running of the business and how things are going so far:

There’s a lot to organise!  I usually start early by planning my social media for the day and checking on emails, then I’m into “Mummy duties”  until I head to the studio. I’m so lucky to have 4 fantastic instructors who work with me, they are brilliant – my tribe. The biggest challenge is getting people to come and try a class, there’s so much ‘noise’ and promotion going on, you have to try very hard to catch people’s attention. I know from many years’ experience, that word-of-mouth is absolutely key. The product is great, the location superb, and the studio is gorgeous – word will spread!

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And finally, what are your plans for the future:

My dream is to make the studio a big success and perhaps look to open more studios in other cities. I’ve learnt so much with this launch, I think I could apply that learning and do it all again in a second and third location. I am also the Jazzercise sales manager for Europe, so I want to lead by example. This is the first dedicated Jazzercise studio in the UK. I want all the Jazzercise instructors to see what we are doing and know that they can do it too. That’s my goal, to channel all the experience I get from this venture to others who are working out of community halls. I want them to realise their dreams too!

To get in touch, follow Jazzercise Exeter Fitness studio on Social Media, pop onto the website: or send her an email:
Sarah also welcomes people to just pop in and try a class.  

Images supplied by Sarah Sydney-Sheppard
Featured image sourced via Unsplash

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