The Regenerate Devon Summit To Feature International Experts

The Regenerate Devon Summit To Feature International Experts

Hundreds of citizens, public officials, community groups, business owners and academics will discuss the future of the Devon economy. The event features internationally renowned economist Kate Raworth and over 25 local leaders and experts in their field.

The Regenerate Devon Summit runs between Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th July. Planning began in January focusing on ecological resilience and how businesses can help address the climate crisis. However due to the pandemic, the event evolved to address how we rebuild in a way that is also socially resilient.

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Annette Dhami is one of the organisers and said:

“There is so much innovation and inspiring practice in Devon, but as we’re such a rural area, we don’t always get the chance to share practice and work together across the county. We’re talking about the whole county’s economy and how we can rebuild it in a better way. This affects everyone, so it’s important that everyone has a voice.”

Devon SENs Hosting The Event

The event is being hosted by PSENLocal Spark and ESSENCE. These Social Enterprise Networks from Devon are part of the Social Investment Market Place Links (SIMPL) project and hundreds of participants have already signed up.

Annette continued:

Many of the examples of practice that will be shared are from social enterprises because these are businesses that are adaptive and innovative, and are focused on making their communities and environment better – qualities that we’ll need in all businesses and organisations as the economy recovers.”

The event will cover what our economy could look like with examples of exemplary business practice tips. Additionally, the event will bring organisations together to network and take action to rebuild the Devon economy in a socially and ecologically resilient way. 

The final day features internationally renowned economist Kate Raworth. Her ‘doughnut’ model places the emphasis on allowing us to thrive while staying in balance with the planet. Amsterdam recently adopted this model.

The event is open to anyone with tickets available free of cost; reserve your place at

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