The most effective way to close your sales pitch (works every time)

The most effective way to close your sales pitch (works every time)

Many professions are categorised as ‘skilled’ but often sales is missed off that list.  Why?  I honestly have no idea, other than those who come up with these lists have never sold anything.  Sales is tough isn’t it – I’d definitely describe sales as a skilled profession.

There’s so many things to get right before you can even attempt to close the sale.  Have you connected with the customer and built enough rapport?  Do you understand enough about their pain points and challenges?  Does your product solve their challenges?

If you’ve ever been on a sales training course (and I’m sure most people reading this have) then you’ll have heard about all of the classic techniques for closing the sale.

Have any of these closes ever worked for you?
  • The trial close – gaining early commitment with “if I could… would you go ahead?”  Quite cheesy really….
  • The fear close – the awful strategy of making your customer feel pressured into buying from you, so as to prevent something catastrophic from happening.  Really?
  • The assumptive close – even if you manage to not come across as arrogant, you still might look silly asking how they wish to pay when they say “but I haven’t agreed to buy it yet”.  Egg on face.
  • The offer close – offering to throw in all-but-the-kitchen-sink is not going to help you, if you haven’t built up enough desire for your product.  Don’t waste your breath (or give away your kitchen sink!).

So, how do you never fail to close the sale?  What is THE ULTIMATE way to close a sale and to be 100% sure of success?

The answer:  Do such a great job of matching solutions with needs, demonstrating features and benefits, building credibility, gaining trust, creating a relationship and truly listening that the CUSTOMER ASKS TO BUY.

Do such a great job that you don’t even have to close the sale.  

It closes itself.

Good luck salespeople – and remember, next time someone talks about skilled professions, be sure to remind them how super duper skilled you need to be, to be successful in sales.

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