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A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Telemarketing Industry

A Breath Of Fresh Air For The Telemarketing Industry

Air Marketing Group has been running in central Exeter for little over 16 months now. At Brittany House you’ll find Managing Director, Owen Richards, and his tight-knit team working on outbound business development campaigns for clients all over the world.  Not bad going, considering they opened their doors on the 7th of March 2016.

The company provide B2B lead generation, telemarketing and outbound business development services to businesses of all sizes, across a myriad of sectors.  Owen was originally a large part of building Air’s partner company, Forrest Marketing Group (FMG), in Australia. He then decided with the help of FMG’s Director, Richard Forrest, to expand the group further by starting Air Marketing Group in the UK.

In less than a year and a half of running, Air has built a client base of over 50, a team of 20 and is already moving to a bigger office due to consistent growth. It hasn’t all been smooth flowing as any start up in its infancy will know, but the company are on target for a successful first 24 months. What it really comes down to though for both Owen and his team, is changing the way we think about telemarketing.

Telemarketing gets a particularly bad reputation. The stereotypes associated with the industry include aggressive methods, young inexperienced staff and a lack of honesty; all phrases that are too often heard in discussions surrounding phone-based marketing. What Air plan to do with their culture, ethic, and business strategy is something quite different.

Air’s company hierarchy is flat and focusses on autonomy and self-management at every level. Each employee in the business manages campaigns, client communication and their own time.

Owen Richards, Air’s Managing Director says

“We’re looking to get away from the stereotypical impression that most have of a telesales company, by building a mature culture and an office that has relentless positivity (our internal motto!), and long-standing professional employees.”

Air is also proud to be part of the South West, developing and growing the economy in Exeter.

Owen goes on to say

“I found there to be a lack of modern telemarketing and business development agencies in Devon, who have international experience and a powerful culture. What I sought (and continue to seek) to create is a company that is transparent in all that we do and provides a return on investment for companies that goes over and above industry standards.”

As a young, positive and ambitious organisation, Air seeks to create jobs in Exeter making a genuine difference to clients and staff alike.


For more info on Air Marketing get in touch with the team:

Tel: 0345 241 3038



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