Optimal Coaching – Creating a Positive Business Culture

Optimal Coaching – Creating a Positive Business Culture

When considering the success of our businesses, how often do we consider the impact of the culture we have created and how it affects our people, our customers and the bottom line?

For me culture is not just about what we do, it is also very much about the way we do it. Creating a great culture can be challenging but the rewards are well worth the effort as your team will be more creative, productive and motivated, adding to the overall success of your company.

Think about the best manager, teacher or mentor that you ever had. What made them great? It is likely that they were clear communicators; they made you and your opinion feel valued; they were inclusive and respectful of you and your ideas, and they really listened and heard what you said. How much more were you prepared to do for them? Probably a lot.

I have worked with some great leaders, one of whom particularly, stood out. I worked as part of his team in which we had a sense of cohesion, team spirit and joint purpose. We all knew what we needed to achieve and how to achieve it. More than that though, we were passionate about being the best we could be, both individually and collaboratively. I felt truly energised going into work and this not only showed in a happy team, but in the amount of high quality work we produced.

There are many statistics that suggest how much ‘discretionary effort’ an employee may give, which only occurs when employees are truly engaged in what they do. Reliable sources report that discretionary effort can provide up to a 40% increase in the effort an employee gives. So, what small changes in your own leadership behaviours could you introduce to gain 10, 20, 30 or 40% more engagement from your team?

If you would like to talk more about creating a positive business culture and improving the performance of your team please get in touch with me at aline@optimalcoaching.co.uk

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