Could You Coach an Astronaut?

Could You Coach an Astronaut?

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Coaching is a very rewarding activity. Whether it’s life coaching on weight loss or finding love, or executive coaching to secure the next C-level seat in the boardroom, inspiring and helping other people achieve their ambitions is very rewarding.  I’m sure most would agree.

But how good at it would you have to be to coach an astronaut? A small minority can boast travelling in to outer space, so how many coaches could partner an astronaut, helping them to truly overcome their challenges?  All the issues with learning how to breathe, coping with zero gravity, take-off procedure, decompression…. it’d be a minefield wouldn’t it?

No, I don’t think so.  I believe a great coach doesn’t have to share the same area of expertise as the coachee. In fact, it may help matters if they know very little.

Coaching to me is about asking previously unasked, thought-provoking questions.  It’s about encouraging the coachee to think beyond the most obvious and draw from their own knowledge and experience, yet stretching the mind to go to places that are to-date, untapped.  It’s about a safe, confidential environment, where time is focussed purely on the coachee and what’s important to their success.  That, to me, is how extraordinary, life-changing goals and action plans are drawn up.  Your coach keeps you honest.  And keeps you on the road to achieving great, great things.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  It’s such an interesting debate.  Do you agree?  Or do you think a great coach needs to be an expert in the coachee’s field?

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By Rachael Howourth

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