3 Great Reasons Why You Should Embed a Coaching Culture in Your Business

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Embed a Coaching Culture in Your Business

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Coaching Culture

According to Glassdoor research, company culture is the #1 factor leading to long-term job satisfaction, closely followed by the senior leadership.  You can read the full study here

A major influencer on how your employees perceive the culture and leadership style is whether they receive regular coaching.  A manager who engages with their team through task-focussed exchanges, is probably not skilled in coaching, and needs to be shown there is a much better way to lead their people to success.  A way that wins hearts, minds and staff buy-in.

Here are my top 3 reasons to adopt a coaching culture.

You will gain time in your diary (I’m sure this is welcome news)

Staff who are regularly coached, and encouraged to self-seek the answers to their questions, will rapidly grow in confidence.  Their ability to solve their own problems and overcome challenges in the workplace will mean there is less need to knock on your door – day-to-day operations are more likely to run smoothly when you’re out of the office too.  Just think…. your mobile will ring less on the weekend.

Staff engagement will grow
One of the most common coaching models, known as GROW, teaches the exploration of different paths to take in order to achieve goals or overcome challenges.  The coachee carefully assesses each path on it’s own merits before selecting the preferred route and committing the steps to success.  The process of doing this with their line manager, gives a great sense of ownership and accountability for the team member.  You’ve got to admit, this is much better than just being ‘told what to do’.

Results and productivity will improve

Coaching is always focussed on achievement of a goal or ambition, or overcoming obstacles and real-life challenges.  It could be anything from completing a board report on time, to growing productivity levels, to achieving 20% increase on last month’s sales results.  Either way, you are going to see an uplift on the way things are today.  Leaders who combine coaching in-the-moment with planned monthly 1:1 conversations based on development and achievement, will enjoy the greatest results.

So start investing time in coaching your people.  Not only will they love you for it, but you’ll gain time and results.  It’s a real WIN-WIN.

Momentum South West can tailor make a coaching programme to suit.  Call 07980 910316 to talk through your requirements.

We work with clients in Plymouth, Exeter, Torbay, Newton Abbot.  Plus we travel to Somerset and Cornwall.

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