BAIS Key Functions

BAIS Key Functions
  • Secured, online, global Web based and remote access capability, perfect for Insurers with international, external agents, brokers and General Managing Agents.
  • Licensing is not costed per user but is paid through pre-agreed monthly license fee. We are happy to discuss Administration of Portfolios or outright purchase of the system software and Code.
  • Provides a single client view for the internal user across all detail dependant on, function and access authority, including Mobile. Communication, financial and policy detail.
  • An operational system that streamlines and automates processes and creates efficiencies which result in lower staff numbers and costs,
  • Automated fulfilment and communication SMS and email. Substantial cost savings achieved,
  • Full compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements,
  • Reporting Functionality to the lowest limit of data hierarchy, includes IBNR and DAC, being amended now for the new cash-based SAM accounting models, TCF and GPRS compliant.
  • Finance Insurance Bordereau’s and general ledger integrated,
  • Task and authority levels based on user function, values and product,
  • Integration into external systems capability,
  • Automated host to host premium collection and allocation functionality,
  • Bulk loading data using advanced multi-threaded technology, allowing for fast bulk loading, and accurate data,
  • Stringent Security protocols,

BAAC Ltd. is the Sole Distributor for proprietary software known as BAIS (Business Administration and Information Software).  BAIS is an integrated, intelligent and customisable software programme that has been developed to cater for internal and external users to administrate their Short-term and Long-term insurance business from inception to expiry or termination.

Developed by PinnAfrica Insurance Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd., and Ongawari Pty Ltd SA, the BAIS system currently runs in a number of live environments administering their books and their businesses.    

The directors have been employed by multinational companies and have experience in most fields of Financial services as well as call centre environments. BAIS, was developed to be used by insurance companies and insurance administrators to cater for a comprehensive Insurance management and administration system for their entire business. Currently the BAIS system is running live in PinnAfrica, with BMW and Ford Motor Company as two of our multinational clients.

The system administrates Top Up, Excess Protector, Deposit Protector, Credit Life, Whole Life, Return to Invoice, Payment Protector, Tyre Cover, Bond Protector, Extended Mechanical Breakdown Warranty and Funeral.  Comprehensive is now being added.

BAAC would be willing to have further discussions should you be interested, you can contact the writer at the email address or mobile 07483851803

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