11 ways to get to know your B2B customer

11 ways to get to know your B2B customer

Customer growth is critical for every business

The key to success when selling any product or service is how well you know your customer.   

You may be the greatest salesperson to walk into the boardroom (and I’m sure that you are), but even the most polished sales process, negotiation training and presentation wizardry is not going to mean a thing if you don’t understand (and I mean really understand) who your customer is.

To achieve outstanding customer growth, you must first focus on really getting to know your customer.

Try answering these questions to help you define it more clearly….

  1. Can you describe your customer?  Have you given them an identity?
  2. Where does your customer hangout? Online – but where and at what times?
  3. What does your customer value when seeking a service provider? Why?
  4. What are you customers’ biggest challenges? And how are they solved currently?
  5. Does your customer know that they are facing these challenges?
  6. Can you talk knowledgeably about their market place?  (as well as yours)
  7. Can you share insights about what the future looks like in their marketplace?
  8. Do you understand the buying/procurement process in their business?
  9. Have you considered all of the stakeholders who may be involved in selecting a new service provider?
  10. Do you know how your customer measures success and ROI?
  11. When you link all of this together, can you position yourself in a place where you are trusted, valued, given permission to challenge their thinking and can demonstrate your competitive advantage beyond any doubt at all?

If you’ve got to this point and you’re still nodding, you’re doing amazingly well.

If you’re head has fallen into your hands somewhat, don’t worry.  None of this is too tricky, it just takes a bit of time to brainstorm.  My best advice would be to pull it all together and then ask a selection of your valued, long standing customers if you are right.  They’ll probably be happy to help.

You may be wondering why I haven’t included the question about “does your customer hold the budget and decision to buy”.  Good spot.  But I’ve left it out for a very good reason.  If you’ve got questions 1 to 11 covered, trust me, they will find the budget.

Good Luck ?

I work with businesses to build tailor-made strategies for customer growth.

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By Rachael Howourth

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