Exeter’s Night Shelter For The Homeless Opens Its Doors For The First Time

Exeter’s Night Shelter For The Homeless Opens Its Doors For The First Time

By Sofy Robertson

Exeter’s new night shelter for the homeless, The Junction, opened its door for the first time last night.

Grow Talk reported earlier this week on the issue of homelessness in the UK, following Manchester’s march in solidarity with its homeless population. The proposal to convert the old Spice Island restaurant on Magdalen Street into a homeless night shelter had been approved several months ago, but nothing further had been reported on the opening.

This morning marked the first that homeless people in Exeter were able to spend at The Junction, which is able to accommodate twenty-six people overnight.

Despite objections from some local businesses, including the Magdalen Chapter, who were concerned of the impact the shelter would have on their businesses, plans went ahead to fund and refurbish the old restaurant.

The council received £481 000 from the government to help the homeless in the city and this money was used to fund the night shelter. The Junction is being run by local charity, Julian House.

The Junction will remain open as a night shelter until April, providing accommodation for Exeter’s homeless during the coldest months. It is then planned to be used as a community centre for homeless people, offering educational courses, arts and craft.


Photo by Ev on Unsplash

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  1. Kate

    How appalling of the Magdalen Chapter. You’d think they would be offering something.

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