EE Bring 5G To 16 UK Cities Next Year

EE Bring 5G To 16 UK Cities Next Year

By Sofy Robertson

The UK’s biggest mobile provider, EE, announced plans today to launch 5G service throughout parts of the region in 2019.

EE plans to launch 5G in sixteen cities in the UK next year, beginning with each country’s capital city. Two other English cities, Birmingham and Manchester, are also included in phase one, scheduled to roll out next year.

EE is focusing on high-volume centres in these first six cities, including Hyde Park in London, Manchester and Belfast’s airports, Edinburgh’s Waverley train station, the Welsh assembly and Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre. Joining other European carriers Vodafone and Three UK, EE plans to make 2019 the big launch year for mobile 5G.

After phase one, EE is planning to bring 5G to ten additional cities in the UK; Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, and Bristol. The first 1500 sites that EE intends to upgrade in this initial phase are currently responsible for 25% of mobile traffic. Alongside the mobile launch of 5G, EE plans to launch a 5G broadband service, pairing a specialised router with external antenna to bring higher speeds to UK homes.

Having 5G available in a city near you will of course be meaningless unless your phone is 5G-equipped, which none of the current models are. Apple, Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm are currently working together to get the enabled hardware ready by 2019 to ensure that EE’s rollout of 5G is a success for its customers.

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