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My Morning Routine – Shannon Izod, Stagecoach

My Morning Routine – Shannon Izod, Stagecoach

My name is Shannon, I’m 23, but get reminded on a regular occasion I look a lot younger (apparently this will help me in the future) and  I work at Stagecoach as a bus driver. I live in a lovely village just outside Exeter – and luckily it’s on a great bus route.

My wake up time varies on my shift pattern, it could be as early at 4am – I know! It should be illegal to be up that early!  Sometimes I get a lie in and don’t have to be up until 6am! I always set 3 alarms in the morning as I don’t wake up enough to find the snooze button.  When I finally wake up (is it just me or do the Proclaimers spring to mind every time I say this?!) I usually check my emails and have a little nose on social media, until I’m ready to stumble downstairs to the kitchen.

Do I use apps to help me sleep?  Duh! Don’t they usually keep you awake?

When I get up, the first thing I do is sneak into the kitchen and get the kettle on as I can’t wake up without my coffee. I don’t really have any rituals as such, it all depends on how awake I am. Time seems to fly in the morning, one thing I can guarantee is I’ll be running out of the door to get to work on time…

I would have to say that although I struggle initially to get up, once I am up I’m a morning person.

After a hard day driving the bus I can’t wait to get home, have dinner and then veg out until bed – I DO LOVE MY BED!  I may look young for my age but sometimes I feel over 60! Before bed I get my uniform ready so I don’t have to scrabble around for it in the morning.

My first drink of the day is usually a coffee, well I say that but it’s mainly milk and sugar with a lush bowl of chocolate granola and milk.  Coffee does me no good because it wakes me up too much!

Does lifting your coffee count as exercise? No. I don’t exercise in the morning as I don’t have time but I do go out sometimes for a walk in the countryside before bed in the summertime as it’s so lovely here.

Meditate in the morning? No, I’d end up falling asleep again, it’s a struggle enough as it is.

I do tend to have a little sing-a-long in the shower in the morning – in fact I turn into quite a diva, if I do say so myself.

I tend to check my phone quite quickly after waking up, just in case I have any fan mail.

The most important task? I think I’ll say getting to work. (I really mean….COFFEEEE)

I don’t know what a weekend is? Every day is a week day to me.

My favorite author is Michael Morpurgo and my Mum works for his charity.  My favourite book of his is Alone on a Wide Wide Sea and is about an orphan on a boat during World War 2.  His books are inspiring and I think all kids should read them (and adults for that matter) – I’ve read most!

Photos by Rob Coombe

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