Anik is a full-grown Asian elephant, standing 3 metres tall and weighing in at a whopping 6 tonnes. He is a working elephant and has been with his mahout Rudra, moving trees felled in the forest, since he was a very young elephant.

Anik, meaning strong in Hindi, is a majestic, proud and powerful bull who at the end of each working day obediently goes back to his resting place where Rudra tethers him around the ankle with a small rope and a post. Anik often dreams about the times he would fight, to the point of drawing blood, to free himself from that post that seemed so huge to him then; a post that is no bigger than the one you might have in your garden and yet the rope and the post keep him from attempting to leave. Or do they?

As a young elephant, Anik couldn’t escape the binds that kept him tethered, but now fully grown it is his belief that is holding him back, not the rope and the post.  

Beliefs about what we can and cannot do are often formed at an early age and help condition a kind of inactivity that keeps us from even thinking to try something new.  For example, who do you know that believes they can’t play a musical instrument BECAUSE they were lousy at the recorder in year 4? Or can’t sing BECAUSE of a carol practice in year 5.

If you are frustrated about a goal or desire unfulfilled, then shining the light of consciousness into the dark corners of your unconsciously held beliefs is the first step in moving towards your dreams.

What could you do today, that your younger self thought was impossible?

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