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Generation Z – What Are Your Core Values?

Generation Z – What Are Your Core Values?

Think you can get ahead in life or business without a concrete set of core values? Think again. In this article I am going to tell you why a firm set of principles can mean the difference between reaching goals and falling short, and why Generation Z are game-changers when it comes to core values.

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization that translate into guiding behaviour. When a new opportunity or challenge pops up, a lot of how you respond to it will be determined by your core values. For example, one of my core values is reliability. With this in mind, I always do my best to ensure I am never late for a meeting and that I complete tasks within deadlines (note “do my best”!). If you’ve never thought about core values before, here are some examples: Commitment, dependability, efficiency, honesty, loyalty, optimism, passion and positivity. Why not incorporate a couple of these into your life or business? You could affect a big change, as we will see in the examples below.

So why are core values important? Sustainability. No, not in the environmental sense (although this could be a core value). Whether you want to have a long and prosperous career, close and lifelong friendships or a thriving and successful business, you cannot without a set of core values. 

I know many people who are fine employees and have no problem finding work. However, they never seem to step up the corporate ladder, why is that? Because they don’t have the core value of loyalty. They chop and change jobs constantly, so an employer doesn’t have enough time to assess their talents and give them the promotion they may deserve.

I am fortunate to have many friends. But why am I closer to some than others? Because some have the core value of dependability when it comes to friendship. Will they be there when the chips are down or are they just wanting to get the gossip?

I hear of so many start-ups concerned about an exit strategy. It is my belief that the founders of these companies may lack the core value of passion. Thinking about a way out before a business has even started raises some doubt on whether they will be able to ride the waves of inevitable adversity.

Finally, Grow readers, I reiterate my opinion that I made in my first article for Grow, 18 months ago: that Generation Z will end up being the greatest generation when it comes to business, productivity and change. Why? Because we were born with a set of core values. Our efficiency when it comes to anything technology related, our honesty when it comes to the realities of climate change and our determination to do something about it.  Also, our optimism for a brighter future, in a fairer, more equal and cleaner world than the generations before us.

Written by Ashley Carr
Featured image sourced via Unsplash

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