A Message To Generation Z – Ashley Carr

A Message To Generation Z – Ashley Carr

Dear Generation Z,

As I write, our country is facing the toughest challenge it has faced in living memory. For our generation, it is incomparable with anything we have experienced thus far. I’m sure by now you know that we are only to leave our homes for essential reasons, and whilst a small minority of us still have not got the message, I am proud that most of us are sticking to the rules (as if we needed an excuse to re-watch Friends).

I understand that these are worrying times for us. However, I am reminded that previous generations have been through far tougher times. My grandmother was born exactly 2 weeks before Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and the way World War 2 went for the Allies during its first year, she could have easily celebrated her first birthday in a country ruled by a gruesome authoritarian regime. This story might have been repeated millions of times over around the world, with militaristic Japan controlling large swathes of East Asia and anti-democratic governments holding power in much of Southern and Eastern Europe at one point in time

If our grandparents can experience the horrors of total war, and then rebuild a new world based on peace and civility. If our parents can overcome decades where the threat of a global nuclear catastrophe between the U.S.A and her allies and the U.S.S.R and her allies was a very real possibility, and then rebuild a new world based on democracy and the freedom of the individual. Then my fellow Generation Z’ers, we can overcome this, the crisis of our generation that has separated friends and family and threatened the lives of those closest to us.

We have had the pleasure to grow up with parents and grandparents whose respective age groups have shown extraordinary characteristics in the face of adversity. By their example, I am confident in our generation’s abilities to meet the challenge of overcoming Coronavirus and the many other challenges that will face us as we grow older, including climate change. Finally, to those reading this, let us make those that will come after us proud. Let future generations say that we Z’ers showed the qualities of resilience, determination and compassion that the eminent Britons of the past have demonstrated exquisitely time and time again.

Written Ashley Carr

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