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Tips To Enjoy A Beautiful Walk Away From Devon’s Hotspots

Tips To Enjoy A Beautiful Walk Away From Devon’s Hotspots

Devon has thousands of miles of footpaths, bridleways and trails without even beginning to count the infinite variations in which you can walk across Dartmoor’s open moorland. If there’s one commonality during lockdown with people who love to be outside, it’s that we’ve all been discovering a great many footpaths right under our noses. 

We’re lucky enough to live in an exquisite county and whilst there are many well-known places to rush to, from Salcombe and Saunton to Woolacombe and Wembury with a splash of Haytor in between, now might not the time to head to those beauty spots. 

Plan Your Walk

I use an OS map linking footpath to footpath, creating routes through fields, along cliff tops and around reservoirs. Parking rurally is easy, often free and within a stone’s throw of a path.

If you’re not used to it, or unfamiliar with using walking maps like the OS Explorer maps, it can feel impossible to plan a good walk. It’s all too easy to search online for ‘Devon Walks’ and end up on the same trail as everyone else. But here’s the thing; you cannot go wrong. Sure, you might pick a less-than-breathtaking footpath but I guarantee you’ll see beautiful views, from rolling fields to ancient trees. It’s Devon. It doesn’t do ugly. 

Top tips:

Get yourself a 1:25,000 scale map of the area, open it out on the floor and have a good look. Check the key for the footpath and bridleway markings and then seek them out on the map, they’ll be everywhere. Pick a car park if you can’t walk from your home, and plan a route linking paths to paths, some will require walking a little on lanes. Take water, snacks and your map. Don’t forget, every path has something magical to discover.

By Kitiara Pascoe

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