Could Llew Nicholls be a Chief?

Could Llew Nicholls be a Chief?

Our Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder Llew Nicholls had the amazing privilege recently to attend the opening of the Exeter Chiefs brand-new fitness analysis suite, launched in partnership with Red Bull.

The day was attended by fitness influencers (although Llew admits he doesn’t fall into this category) and press representatives from around the South West.  The part which Llew was the most excited about was testing the high-tech equipment and seeing how he fared against the data generated by Chiefs first team players.

This part of the day included wearing a £10,000 skin tight, motion-tracking suit and undergoing various strength and endurance tests. Llew, a keen rugby player for over 20 years now, was like a kid in a sweaty and testosterone filled sweet shop (an unusual analogy, but you get the idea!). In fact, he performed exceptionally well, matching Chiefs players like Don Armand in certain tests.

This partnership between Exeter Chiefs and Red Bull signals the continuous commitment of the club to perform at the highest level and establish themselves as an English and European force-to-be-reckoned-with.

The question is, should Rob Baxter have Llew on speed dial, just in case?  Let’s just say, if he needs a line-out jumper, he’d be better off with a jockey!

To find out more about the new fitness suite, click here or here


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