Colyton Grammar School To Receive Additional Funding For Disadvantaged Pupils

Colyton Grammar School To Receive Additional Funding For Disadvantaged Pupils

By Sofy Robertson

Grammar schools across twelve counties have been given a share of £50 million to expand, including provision for disadvantaged pupils.

It was announced this week that sixteen grammar schools have been given the go-ahead to expand by the education secretary.

Colyton Grammar School in East Devon was one of the schools named to receive the extra funding which will allow them to add 4000 extra pupils to their rolls and expand provision for disadvantaged students.

Tim Harris, Headteacher at Colyton Grammar, said:

“I am delighted to announce that the school has succeeded in the round of bidding for the Selective Schools Expansion Fund.

“Colyton Grammar School is the highest achieving school in Devon and the surrounding counties. This money will allow us to develop new classrooms and student resources that will both benefit our existing students and our future students. The money will enable us to continue improving as a leading school in the local, national and international arena.” (Colyton Grammar)

The successful schools were selected from thirty-nine bidders with the money granted on the condition that they implement plans to admit more pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A recent study by anti-selection campaign group Comprehensive Future showed that of 12,341 places available at eighty grammar schools across England last September, just 564 were offered to pupils who attract pupil premium funding. In short, just 4.5% of grammar school places were secured by disadvantaged students.

All of the successful bidders have pledged to prioritise disadvantaged applicants, either through quotas or by lowering the pass mark for those below an income threshold. In addition, Colyton Grammar and the other schools successful in the bid have agreed to provide free test preparation materials for the 11-Plus and have also signed up to mentoring and outreach programmes, as well as bursary schemes for uniforms, travel and extra-curricular activities.

Education secretary Damian Hinds explained:

“I have always been clear that selective schools will only be able to expand if they meet the high bar we have set for increasing access for disadvantaged children, and all of these schools have done that.

“As a result, countless more children from disadvantaged areas will benefit from places at outstanding schools.” (TES)

Colyton Grammar’s motto, Expectation and Excellence, reflects the high standards that it sets for its pupils and with this extra funding, more children from disadvantaged backgrounds will benefit from the aspirations that the school sets. Headteacher Harris explained:

“We are a school that excels in the education provision of the most able regardless of socio-economic background and I look forward to this next exciting phase of the school’s life.” (Colyton Grammar)


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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