Catching Up with Julie from Kensa Boudoir Photography

Catching Up with Julie from Kensa Boudoir Photography

Written by Stella Nicholls


Interviewing the lovely Julie and chatting about Kensa Boudoir Photography, the studio where women and men are transformed, was not just about their journey towards confidence.  Since being made redundant just over a year ago, I have been on my own ‘confidence journey’.

It started with one article in the second edition of Grow Exeter Magazine.  I wrote for a feature called, ‘Straight Talk’ apparently so named to tie in with my South African way of speaking (which some feel is a little blunter than the English manner of conversing).  My first Straight Talk Piece, titled ‘Overcoming Life’s Hurdles’ was aimed more at myself than anyone else.  All about not giving up and not being afraid to fail, it was the first step in following my dream to be a ‘paid writer’ (I have been writing ‘for the love of it’, since childhood).

‘The Confidence Journey’ article appeared in our eleventh edition.  It is a special piece to me, partly due to it touching on a subject that is very close to home.  Hearing how Julie and her mum escaped domestic violence, resonated with me because I had been through a similar confidence shattering experience, some years ago.

It was also empowering to see how Julie and her clients have risen above their sometimes-dire circumstances and are great examples of the resilience it takes to keep going against all odds.  It shows an inner strength that I believe we all have access to draw on, as humans.  The fact that it was my first, ‘cover story’ was the proverbial ‘cherry on top’, my journey as a writer, reaching a new height.  But it isn’t over yet, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

Grab a copy of the latest Grow Exeter Magazine to read about Julie’s remarkable story, or pop online to download the e-edition.

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