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Ashley Carr – Global And Local: Getting the Best of Both

Ashley Carr – Global And Local: Getting the Best of Both

‘What a wonderful world’, as Louis Armstrong famously sang. Grow readers; it truly is a marvellous world we live in. In this article, I hope to help you experience the best of it, globally and locally.

Unlike The Who’s generation, my generation typically does not get around, because we have this wonderful thing called a smartphone. Okay, that is a stereotype (Tinder anyone?). But, it is true that we are the most connected generation there has ever been. We were brought up with the internet contributing to our sense of openness to the world. However, for the most part, we use this awesome power to look at cat videos or watch just one more episode of Suits… Okay, another stereotype, my last I promise.

Other generations are following suit (not Suits), harnessing the potential of the internet. Thanks to Google Maps (other online maps are available), my grandpa can look with wonder at where he grew up and other locations of his past, and tell vivid stories much to his and my enjoyment. The world is in the palm of our hands. Those who may never be able to go in person can see and hear the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest, the hustle and bustle of downtown New York and the majesty of the Great Wall of China, all at the push of a button. What a time to be alive.

But, what about our local community? Studies have shown that being active in the community around us, does all kinds of wonderful things for our mental and physical health. In a world where it seems like most communication is via a screen, the importance of going back in time, occasionally, has never been more pertinent. I don’t mean back to the times where supporting your community was fending off wild animals (I’m told sabre-toothed tigers are now extinct).

No dear readers, I mean back to a time where community was everything. Neighbours were like family and strangers were deemed just “pre-friends”. Unfortunately, it’s a time that I never truly experienced, but perhaps you did Grow reader. I hope that for my generation’s benefit, this amazing world brings back just an essence of decades past. I hope that we become as fascinated by the local world as we are about the global world, enjoying the best of both.

Written by Ashely Carr
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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